Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Should Washington's DUI Threshold Be Lowered From .08 to .05?

The current blood-alcohol content (BAC) limit for drunk driving within the State of Washington is .08. The limit used to be .10 and was reduced to .08 in 1999. With an emphasis on reducing the number of drunk driving related accidents and deaths, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) voted this week to recommend each state lower its threshold BAC for drunk driving. The NTSB is recommending that .05 be the new threshold for the legal limit. 

All 50 states currently have a threshold of .08. What are your thoughts on reducing the limit even more?

Link to Tacoma News Tribune article.

Link to NBC article.


  1. Should be lowered so that drunk drivers be aware and afraid to have a DUI penalties. Penalties may differ from the charges committed. Contact DUI lawyer if charged with DUI.

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  2. It's all b.s....next they fine you for farting

  3. Nothing can be changed by lowering to 0.5.It is only harmful for innocent drivers.
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